Vacancy: Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer

Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer in River Science and Freshwater Ecology

The University of Worcester (UW) is investing in the staffing of the Institute of Science and the Environment (ISE) by creating two 3-year post-doctoral research and teaching positions.

This position, focusing on the effects of flow intermittency on diversity and community composition in intermittent streams, follows three other post-doctoral appointments made within ISE last year.

The appointee will carry out a selected research project under the supervision of Dr Tory Milner (University of Worcester; UW), Dr Ian Maddock (UW) and Dr Rachel Stubbington (Nottingham Trent University). The post holder will also gain clear experience in teaching at HE level and, following their work at Worcester, will be well equipped to apply for university lectureships. Hence, it is a requirement that the post-doctoral fellow has a teaching development plan to ensure that s/he gains experience with a range of teaching related activities (in class, in assessment, in course development and with quality assurance processes) and that s/he make a real contribution to teaching and learning within the Institute (albeit at a much lower level than conventional lecturing staff). The post holder will also participate in Module 1 of the UW PG Cert in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education. It is also expected that the annual workload of this post-doc is planned so that they can provide support in specific Institute events and processes.

  • Selection methods to include:
    A 10 minute presentation to a panel on a river science/ecohydrology project carried out by the candidate, which could be understood by a class of Year 3 undergraduate students. This will be followed by up to 5 minutes of questions relating to the presentation
  • A formal interview.

Closing date: Sunday 08 Nov 2015

Reference number: ISE1503 – 2543

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