Dights Falls Fishway, Yarra River, Melbourne

Welcome to Dights Falls in the land of the Wurrundjeri people.


This is no natural falls. It was built in the 1840s to supply a flour mill.

It might not look like much of a drop but many of South East Australia’s fish are small and relatively weak swimmers.

The obligatory tourist information board…


As per best practice, the entrance on the downstream side is located as close as possible to the obstruction.


This is a classic vertical-slot fishway. See the slot here, with size 10 feet for scale!


It’s pretty turbulent down there…


…and it’s a long way up for those little fishes, through over 25 pools and a tight bend…


…just to be faced with a heap of trash at the exit!


Overall it looks like a nice project but monitoring so far has yielded mixed results (see Borg et al., 2014), likely due to excessive turbulence intensities near the entrance:


Monitoring and adaptive management is ongoing.


Martin \\ Melbourne

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