EcoENet Strategy

Based on our vision, we have developed a strategy organised in 4 main activity areas that are interlinked. They include: Online Presence, Outreach, Members and Participation at Key conferences.steps

Each of the above activity areas are coordinated by a sub-commitee. A Chair and Secretary oversee the overall internal management and communication through regular ECoENEt commitee meetings. See below our plan for short to mid-term activities by areas and who does what:


Current roles


Chair: Roser Casas-Mulet

Secretary: Ana Adeva Bustos

Activity Areas

Online Presence: Davide Vanzo, Andrew Neverman, Martin Wilkes

Outreach: Camille Macnaughton

Members: Alexander McCluskey, Ana Adeva Bustos

Participation at Conferences: Martin Wilkes, Roser Casas-Mulet, Ana Adeva Bustos, Andrew Neverman



Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our organisation!


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